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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nu-Prep Tongkat Ali Water Soluble Extract

Nu-Prep Tongkat Ali Water Soluble Extract

More about Tongkat Ali in Malay

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The Best Tongkat Ali in Malaysia : Nu-Prep Water Soluble Extract - A proven Aphrodisiac

For centuries, the indigenous populations of South East Asia have been using Eurycoma Long folia for its high medical value. How the concoction worked for them is to explain, but many swear by its close to supernatural benefits.

In Malaysia, the plant is better known as "Tongkat Ali' which literally means "Ali Walking Stick". While in Indonesia they called as "Pasak Bumi" means, "firmly nailed to the ground". For Vietnamese, it's famous known as "Cay Ba Binh" means "remedies for 1000 diseases".

Traditionally, it is valued for its aphrodisiac properties and treatment of diverse ailments ranging from cuts and wounds, skin infection, fever, malaria, high-blood pressure, diabetes to increased energy and stamina.


Nu-Prep's Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) Water-soluble Extract

Nu-Prep is the highest quality Tongkat Ali product available in the market today.

Nu-Prep contains 100% pure water-soluble extract of Tongkat Ali, blended with herbal ingredients for their synergistic effect. Our product contains NO sawdust grounded roots or other parts of the plant.

Nu-Prep Tongkat Ali extracts is processed using the best available technology (BAT) by the Inventor of the technique himself and patented. The freeze-dried extracts are powdered and encapsulated to ensure the biologically active components' therapeutic values are maintained.

This strict quality control in all stages of production including during raw material procurement guarantees that the nu-Prep Tongkat Ali extracts preparation is a product of the highest quality. Each capsule contains standardized amount of active components, which have been formulated based on intensive dose response studies.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Active-C Whitening Mask

Active-C Whitening Mask 

Vitamic C for fair, firm and youthful complexion. Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients you can feed your skin. This skin savvy vitamin gives not just one but many beautifying benefits and is a wonderful ally for your skin. To get optimum skincare benefit, vitamin C is best applied directly. It can then penetrate skin layers to work its magic in lightening, firming, repairing and regenerating the skin. 

Most tropical vitamin C us extremely ustable and prone to oxidation  and regradtion. Once degraded, its potency and efficacy are most likely have degraded while sitting on store shelves, way before it reaches your skin. 

Bioglo Active C offers you potent vitamin c skincare preparation. It contains activated Citrus C extract, which is natural vitamin C, stabillised through a patended technology Bioglo Active C delivers truly this powerful nutrient to your skin. 

Active C whitening mask a fast penetrating non oily cream with stabillised activated citrus lighten and brighten skin for a more even toned complexion. Promotes softer, smoother, suppler and firmer skin. See fine line and wrinkles visibly reduced. Feel new velvety softness today!! 

Its easy to use. Just unwrap a mask, place on your face and relax. Its that easy to use!!!

Nivea Body Whitening Lotion

Nivea Body Whitening Lotion 

Discover new Nivea body whitening body lotion, with triple whitening action to fight against the major signs of dark skin fairer skin and a more even tone. 

The gentle formula with innovative ingredient white bioactive and double UV filters is specially formulated to :

  • Reduce discoloration and blemishes for a more even skin tone
  • Lighten current skin tone for fairer skin
  • Protect the skin and prevent future skin darkening

In addition valueable moisturizing elements smoothes your skin to keep it soft and supple. When used regularly, Nivea whitening body lotion will ensure you have fairer skin and a more even tone. 

This lotion is easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Food For Brain Health

Food For Brain Health

Ginkgo Brahmi

Ginkgo Brahmi helps improve memory and mental capacity in times os increase stress.

Ginkgo is recommended for those preparing for a work of presentation, planning for a weeding or studying for exams.

Take 3 weeks before the high-stress period for effectiveness.

Ginkgo Forte

Help to improve cognitive function on a log-term basis.

Recommended for those experiencing difficulties of concentration, memory loss, absent-mindedness and confusion.

Expert Health Advice

Start the day with breakfast for better memory function later in the day.

Eat foor high in antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables and seeds.

Include plenty of deep sea fish (such as tuna) in your diet.

Exercise regularly to increase blood flow and nutriton to the brain.

This article is mostly from a pamphlet by Blackmores. We added some more info or words. Blackmores is not related in any way to us and not responsible to this article.

Food For Eye Health

Food For Eye Health


Bilberry maintains eye health by improving blood flow to the vessels of the eye and promoting healthy function of the retina.

Bilberry also helps improve night blindness, near-sightedness and eye fatigue.

Health product from Bilberry like Blackmores is recommended for computer operators, professional drivers and that performing fine detail work.

Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body

Beta carotene is for the formation of a pigment found in the eye of the retina that is needed for vision at night.

Expert Health Advice

Have regular reset periods when reading or using a computer. (For example 10 minutes break after 45 minutes using a computer).

Wear your glasses when you need them.

Wear sunglasses when outdoors during the day

Include more leafy green, yellow, orange coloured vegetables and oily fish in the diet. Eat a handful of nuts a week.

Cover your eyes with cool wet chamomile tea bags or slices of cucumber to soothe tired yes.

This article is mostly from a pamphlet by Blackmores. . We added some more info or words. Blackmores is not related in any way to us and not responsible to this article.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Redoxon Double Action Vitamin C Plus Zinc

Redoxon Double Action Vitamin C Plus Zinc

Redoxon Double aAction contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and the trace element zinc. Its used to supplement vitamin C and zinc requirements, vitamin C and zinc play important roles in many vital metabolic prcesses. They act in different but complementary ways to support our natural defences.

Ellgy Plus

Ellgy Plus

Ellgy Plus unique intensive moisturizing system work both on and below the surface of your skin. It is formulated with Sccharide Isomerate, a water magnet that attracts and keep moisture in the skin.

Ellgy Plus also contains Portulaca extract a natural Essential Fatty Acids which strength the epidermal lipid layer so that the moisture is the sealed into your skin to maintain natural moisturizing effect.

Use Elly Plus daily to moisturize, soften and soothe your dry rough heel to prevent cracking.

Also suitable for diabetics as part their regular foot care.

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