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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pil Binari With Manjakani

Some of our people still consuming herbal medicines, that we called "Jamu". But talking about jamu today, will not give the simple assumption as it used to be. It has been developing year by year following the modernization and the technology of pharmaceutical.

Jamu, with the modern packaging, stable preparation and was processed in hygiene condition as the government regulation been made, will no more make you have an interpretation that it is only the unreasonable medicine. So many researches has done in knowing the ingredients and the effectiveness of the herbal medicines. The result is, it has been proved obviously that herbal medicine or jamu, could give pharmacology activity.

Pil Binari with manjakani is special for married women. This pil is traditionally used for relief of vaginal discharge, to improve menstrual flow, for relief of menstrual pain and for general health of womb after childbirth.

Benefits of Manjakani

The astrigen propoerties are proven to restore the vaginal walls of women and especially effective after childbirth.( Not to be consumed by Pregnant Women)

The natural anriseptic is able to overcome bacterial and fungal infections including yease which causes bad smell and itchiness and exessive discharge.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Pil Binari is a herbal formulation. If sympthoms persist; please consult your doctor
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